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What Is Mediation?

Mediation is a widely used form of alternative dispute resolution or ADR. This popular form of ADR is an informal process in which a trained mediator sits down with both parties, hears both sides of the dispute and helps the parties find a solution that takes both parties’ needs into account. The goal of mediation is to avoid the perils of a lawsuit and assist opposing parties in reaching a settlement out of court. Unlike arbitration, another form of ADR, your settlement will not be determined by the impartial third party.

What Are The Advantages Of Mediation?

A major benefit of mediation is that it allows participants to maintain control over their case and the outcome. Other advantages of mediation over litigation include:

  • Cost: Mediation is significantly less expensive than traditional litigation.
  • Speed: Mediation cases are typically resolved in days or weeks (it could be months if the case is more complex), whereas lawsuits can take years to settle.
  • Flexibility: Mediation offers great flexibility and can be arranged to accommodate all participant schedules.
  • Privacy: Mediation is a confidential and private process, which typically occurs at a mediator’s office or lawyer’s office, not in a public courtroom.

Successful mediation can help preserve relationships (whether professional or personal) and focuses on finding ways to effectively communicate. The Law Offices of Peter F. Ferracuti, P.C., provides a supportive, impartial atmosphere where clients feel comfortable negotiating through conflict.

Mediation Services In Illinois

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