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Do you keep workers’ compensation benefits if you leave your job?

On Behalf of | Dec 28, 2021 | Worker's Compensation |

When you experience an incident at work that results in an injury, a workers’ compensation claim may get you the medical and financial assistance you need. However, does exiting your job result in a loss of those benefits?

Wading into a job search while still receiving workers’ compensation payouts may prove complicated in some ways. While you stand to gain a new employer to add to your resume, you may lose a portion of your benefits. Find out what leaving your job may mean to your workers’ comp benefits.

Leaving a job does not forfeit medical benefits

If the workers’ compensation insurer accepted your injury claim, the company likely paid your medical bills for all facets of your treatment and recovery. Leaving your job does not change this. If your condition warrants a continuation of your medical care in one way or another, the benefits follow you regardless of your employment status.

Quitting may terminate some disability payments

Part of your workers’ compensation benefits may include temporary disability payments. This money supplements the income lost due to your work injury. Leaving your job will terminate temporary disability payments. However, if a doctor finds you permanently disabled, those benefits should continue even after leaving your job. A permanent disability finding may only mean that you can no longer continue to work in the same profession; however, it does not preclude you from finding gainful employment elsewhere.

You may want to get a fresh start after dealing with an on-the-job injury. While not impossible, you may want to consider what benefits you risk losing.