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Tis the Season

On Behalf of | Dec 11, 2020 | Firm News |

Happy Holidays Everyone! Tis the season for my annual shameless plug for all of the good causes surrounding us at Christmas time. As you know, and as Maggie Frost from WCMY put it, pretty much all anyone has to do in our area when help is needed is ask, and I’m there. I pride myself on being available to our community, whether its in secret or in plain view, for almost any fundraiser, community project, cleanup, or walk to honor people we love.  And so far 2020 has been different in a lot of ways, but not in that one.

If this year has taught me anything, its to be grateful for what we have. 2020 was a hard year full of loss, anxiety, and uncertainty towards our future. With that in mind, giving to others this year is more important than ever. Whether its through your favorite organization, donating food to your local shelter, or just by taking care of your neighbors who may not have been as fortunate as you were this year, 2020 is the year to take a hard look at what you have and what you can do for those around you.

The annual Freezin for a Reezin fundraiser just completed last week here in Ottawa. They were able to raise over $68,000 for our homeless shelters to provide meals for those in need. What an incredible feat in any year, let alone in 2020! Should you have missed out on this opportunity, you can always donate food, clothes, supplies, and toys to our local homeless shelters or Under His Wings if you’re looking for somewhere to give back during a season where we’re all just blessed to have one another. Additionally, my favorite time of year- the penguin plunge- is  well underway! Dr. Daniel Farrell is doing a concert for our team- Team Francisco- December 17th  at 7:30 by following Dan Farrell on facebook, so make sure you log in and donate to a good cause! We’re doing it for the kids (and that’s exactly what I say in my head when I jump in the freezing cold water in 20 degree weather)!

As always, I’m extremely grateful to be surrounded by such a dedicated, kind client base during an otherwise tough year. We’ve had a lot of really incredible victories this year including a precedent setting mental health decision at the IWCC. If you know anything about my personal life and my dedication to mental health, securing this victory for my client was not only a professional, but a very personal win. We look forward to a continuing winning streak in 2021, and it is my honor to change the way the world looks not just at mental health cases, but at injured worker cases and personal injury cases as we move in to the upcoming year. For now, I’m taking my own advice and looking around at those close to me to see where I can do better and be better. We wish you nothing but health and happiness in 2021. If you need a fighter on your side, call me.

-Attorney Alexis Ferracuti