Why Choose Us?

  • "It is hard to put into words what the Law Offices of Peter F. Ferracuti, P.C. has done for me. It is most simple to state they gave my life back. I was involved a major auto accident, where I was not at fault. The driver of the other car did not have insurance. I had a previous injury, which confused the issue of a workman's compensation case. Other attorneys told me I did not have a chance. A friend recommended Law Offices of Peter F. Ferracuti, P.C., who took my case within a 15 minute conversation. The end result being that they fought for and won my surgery, they arranged for payment of all bills, and have set forth a settlement which is more than I could have ever wished for. Most important is that I did not take one outside phone call, did not receive one bill, and was able to focus on my recovery. My attorney acted as if I were the only case she had, constantly taking time to answer my questions and help me make the best decision possible. Please believe me when I say you only need to look at one office and this is it."

    - Pete P. (Rockford, IL)

  • My attorneys were honest, trustworthy, and followed-up in a timely manner on all calls I made to them and any problems that occurred. This is one of the best law firm teams in Illinois. It is my pleasure to recommend the Law Offices of Peter F. Ferracuti, P.C.

    - David C. (Joliet, IL)

  • "If I had not come to the Law Offices of Peter F. Ferracuti, P.C., my case would never have been handled. I love all the people there. I've had nothing but the best experience with this office. Everyone was wonderful. I am thrilled with the results."

    - Christine T. (Frankfort, IL)

  • "The Law Offices of Peter F. Ferracuti, P.C. was my lifeline during my case. I was so impressed and thankful for their professionalism, and how they made me feel: that my case wasn't just another case. I highly recommend this firm to anyone looking for an attorney who actually works for you. I was very pleased with my outcome. "

    — Kim A. (Gibson City, IL)

  • "When I came to the Law Offices of Peter F. Ferracuti, P.C., I was unsure exactly which legal services I needed. However, the attorneys were able to explain to me my various legal options and coach me to understand which options best suited my needs. They were very knowledgeable, thorough, and always took the time to talk to me whenever I had a question. I would highly recommend the Law Offices of Peter F. Ferracuti, P.C. for their attention to detail and drive to find answers for clients."

    — Lisa G. (DeKalb, IL)

  • What Peter Ferracuti’s office did for me is well worth the read. First of all, when I walked into the firm, I was hurt, jobless, and brokenhearted. My self esteem was as low as it could go. Peter not only assured me that he would fight for my rights, but also made me realize that I'm not the only person in the world going through this. Although the opposing side threw every curve ball at us, as a team, we hit a home run. The monetary level was fantastic, but the fight that Ferracuti and Associates put up for me is forever PRICELESS!

    —Chris W. (Peru, IL)

Our Experience Works for You

Representing individuals in all major counties in Illinois, the LAW OFFICES OF PETER F. FERRACUTI, P.C. is a full service legal practice, emphasizing Workers' Compensation and Personal Injury law. Let our experience work for you!

Since 1983, Attorney Peter F. Ferracuti has been listed in several editions of the national publication, "Best Lawyers in America", being 1 of only 18 civil litigation attorneys similarly recognized from the State of Illinois in that publication. Attorney Peter F. Ferracuti has had extensive experience in the labor law field, currently representing several unions. Mr. Ferracuti has a personal relationship with each of his clients. Rather than representing large corporations or insurance companies, he chooses to represent working people just like you. He is an active member of the American Association for Justice, Illinois Trial Lawyers Association and the Workers' Compensation Lawyers of America.

Over Mr. Ferracuti's career, he has recovered on behalf of clients several multimillion dollar settlements, including a wrongful death suit against Wal-Mart, Inc. resulting in a jury verdict in excess of $2,000,000.00.

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If you're seriously injured, you can receive a consultation right from your hospital room. Weekend, evening, and holiday appointments are available. Mr. Ferracuti makes his schedule around yours. Hablamos español.

The LAW OFFICES OF PETER F. FERRACUTI employs approximately 35 persons, including a staff of 8 lawyers with emphasis in Civil Personal Injury and Workers' Compensation litigation. Attorney Peter F. Ferracuti is certified to practice before the United States Supreme Court, as well as in all of the major courts in the Northern District of Illinois and several other Federal courts. His law office practice involves him in all the major counties in Illinois, including Cook County

Attorney Peter F. Ferracuti and his Associates are involved daily in extensive trial litigation, as well as appeal work, having participated in numerous Appellate Court decisions. Many of these decisions have resulted in significant changes in the law in the fields of Workers' Compensation and Civil Personal Injury law, advantageous to workers and injured persons. The firm has adapted and uses the very latest in communication technology and research aids in the legal field with its paralegal staff and accounting department.

For fair representation from a team of experienced, knowledgeable lawyers, call The LAW OFFICES OF PETER F. FERRACUTI, P.C. Schedule your free consultation today!